Private label

Inter Globus company offers a wide selection of components for packaging and to create your own brand.
We offer help in every step of production process:
  • creating recipes
  • graphic project of product / wrapping
  • production
  • packing
With our knowledge and experience we are able to guarantee highest quality and competitive prices. We treat individually each one of our customers in preparing products that meets yours expectations.

In our offer you will find out highest quality raw materials like:
  • synthetic rubber
  • phenolic resin, polyurethane resin
  • silica
  • magnesium oxide and zinc oxide
  • adipic acid
  • solvents: acetone, toluene, extraction naphtha
  • cyanoacrylate adhesive


Metal and aluminium tins

There are available metal and aluminium tins in diameters:
⌀ 35 mm
⌀ 45 mm
⌀ 52 mm
⌀ 68 mm


Aerosol valves with metal or plastic tips, with or without tube, and also gas cartridge valves.

Caps and applicators

Caps with built-in applicator or flat and separate applicators


Aluminium adhesive tubes
⌀ 13,5 mm
⌀ 25 mm
⌀ 35 mm

Plastic bottles

Cyanoacrylate adhesive bottles. Wide selection of capacity adjusted to customers needs.